Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hey, NPC is updating pictures!

So I was looking up uniform requirements, expecting to see the old black and white pictures that have been on NPC's website since...forever, when low and behold

Not all are updated, but this is a good start. Well done NPC!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

What an ADSEP board looks like

Courtroom photo, from Wikipedia

This past week I sat on my first ever Administrative Separation (ADSEP) board.  Having never been on an ADSEP board before, I wanted to share my experience to try and remove some of the myths out there about this process.  Please note, I am NOT going to give any specifics on the people involved, as that is privacy act information.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Who it's really about

To all my readers, thank you for the love and support shown over the last few days. Unfortunately, Rebecca didn't survive her surgery. After dwelling on it the past few days, I realized I might have missed a lesson.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

If you went to MSOC, you may be eligible for JPME credit

Sharing a helpful email.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have gotten a truly overwhelming response to the initiative that gets partial JPME credit for graduating from MSOC. To make this easier for all, particularly OLP's Admin folks, please read the following that addresses most of the questions we've received via email and on the phone:

1. This applies to only those taking JPME I distance education through the Naval War College.  If you are taking distance ed from Air War College, there is no transferable credit.
2. It applies only to those taking distance ed through the web enabled and CD ROM methodologies.  It does not apply to Fleet Seminar Program students (including those at NPS).
3. MSOC counts toward distance ed JMO Blocks 4 & 5.
4. This initiative is grand-fathered back through MSOC class 12-16, that is all classes in NWC Academic Year 2012/13 and later. These are all classes that began after 1 July 2012.
5. To get the MSOC credit, we need to create a profile for you in distance education's data base.  To do that, we need the the data in the attached document. Please fill it out (minus PII: SSN and DoD number off ID card) and e-mail back to me. Before you start JMO call OLP Admin (401-841-3690/3685) to provide SSN and DoD# over the phone and your record will be complete.
6. Because we are working to catch up several years worth of data, your records will not be ready until you are starting JMO.
7. Call or e-mail me (NOT Admin) if you have questions, however, I do not have the ability to change eligibility dates or add Fleet Seminar Program students.