Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Cyber "C" for squadron?

Battle E ribbon, from Wikipedia
The Navy's Battle E ribbon recognizes a unit that maintains the highest state of battle readiness inside a squadron over the course of a year.  It's a unit award and isn't won for any one specific action, but an overall accumulation of readiness inspections and performance over a given year.  The award recognizes our afloat units that are most ready for combat.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Never the angry email

This morning I was biking my warmup at the gym when the TV showed a comical video of baseball player Carlos Gomez attempting to beat up the outer padding on a wall.  After kicking the padding out of anger, he then spent some time trying to fix it, to no avail, all of which was captured on live TV.

I'm not a baseball player, but the equivalent I could think of doing in my line of work is sending an angry email.  I've sadly made that mistake before, dashing off a nasty stream of ones and zeros in the heat of the moment.  If you haven't done so, good for you, and I recommend you never do.  I won't deny that anger exists, but just like Carlos kicking the wall, using it to lash out via email is stupid.

Angry emails do nothing for you.  For starters, the anger never translates well because you get no feedback like you would in a conversation.  If you started to speak angrily towards someone and they reacted, that reaction would likely temper your future words.  You would get a chance to explain yourself.  An angry email, on the other hand, is like a grenade.  It just explodes and causes frag damage, regardless of the other person's reactions.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Living in the photoshopped world

Social media, from sketchport.com
I love browsing reddit.  Although I don't think it's the front page of the internet anymore, I've actually learned a great deal from it, especially the Ask Me Anything (AMA) and Today I Learned (TIL) forums.  Reddit is also a great source for memes, which typically takes me to an Imgur link of some kind.

I wound up on Imgur recently and clicked on what was obviously a mis-posted selfie.  Imgur has the ability to share your photo with the community at large, which allows people to up-vote or down-vote the photo.  In the case of the young lady mis-posting her selfie for the world to see, it didn't pan out too well.  The sum of votes was about -50 or so.  Some of the comments were pretty harsh, including more than a few describing her as "So f$%^ing ugly that you should kill yourself."


Saturday, March 26, 2016


Gavel, from Wikipedia.
 The Navy Times continues to break the often bad news about the Navy, and last night was no different:


In this case, a Navy Captain will now go to jail for almost four years for blatantly taking bribes.  This is the same guy that years earlier, as a young Ensign, raised his right hand and swore to defend the Constitution of the United States.  Obviously his integrity got off the rails along the way, but how?

We as a Navy have put considerable effort towards integrity training.  As a junior officer, I went to two weeks of Division Officer Leadership School, and before taking my current job I went to an advanced leadership school at the Navy's Leadership and Ethics Center.  The Division Officer school was, lacking, to say the least.  I remember at one point being asked "What do you do when your CO asks you to lie?", and it was almost comical because none of us thought a CO would just blatantly tell you to lie about something.