Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Changes to the NOOCS manual

NOOCS manual has been updated this month! First, the links:



Volume I changes:
- A whole bunch of medical subspecialty codes have been added in Part B
- Intelligence officers have added multiple Navy Officer Billeting Codes in Part C
- Additional Qualifier Designators have a bunch of important changes:
+ BB1: If you're a Battle Watch for more than 3 months (this applies to a LOT of people)
+ GD1: Special Information Dominance corp screening for East Asia
+ Navy Reserve support to surface nuclear codes have been added
+ Strategic Sealift Officers have a bunch of AQDs added
+ Homeland Security/Homeland Defense Scholarship added if you take certain courses at the Naval War College
+ A few chaplain corp churches were added

Volume II changes:
- Revisions to the senior acquisition corps classes (PMT 302)
- Updated university codes

It's a good idea to scroll through the Subspecialty (Vol I Part B), Additional Qualifier Designator (Vol 1 Part D) and Service School Codes (Vol II Part C) once every 6 months to see if you qualify for anything listed there. It's important to get these codes on your record to make you as competitive as possible for advancement and special programs.