Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A surprise email

So funny enough, after starting this blog and having the occasional rant about how commands don't give enough help when it comes to electronic records, I received a forwarded email today from our Captain:

IW Mustangs,
There is a new tool to help everyone in updating their Officer Record.
It is a Management Guide that is hanging on the NPC website at the following
link: http://www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/officer/Pages/default2.aspx

It is important to note what I, as the detailer, do and what the other PERS
codes do for your Officer Record. I only enter AQD's (BI1, etc) which then
show up on your OSR. This is extremely important because your OSR is what a
board member grading your record sees. I can enter an AQD with just a
scanned copy of the command letter authorizing the AQD. But, if you wish to
have a document (OOD U/W, SWO, IDWO Qual, Degree, etc) entered into your
"permanent officer record" (viewable in BOL), you, or your command admin,
needs to submit that document(s) to the appropriate PERS code for entry.
There are specific requirements to have these document(s) accepted and
entered. This Management Guide will help you in that regard.

I'm always happy to entertain questions on this, but please understand that
I can't circumvent the official process explained in the Guide.

Hope this helps.

The link is here:


The document does a good job going through what should be where, and has a decent amount of useful links in it. While it doesn't cover the buttonology like the document I posted does, it is a great resource.

I doubt this has made it to the URL side, but hopefully posting it here will get it filtered over that way.