Thursday, March 29, 2012

All those special pays

First, a link:

If you've ever had to argue with someone about what pays you are and are not supposed to get, you soon realize there is a lot of bad gouge out there on pays. I don't know how many people have referenced a forum or what one their buddies told them.

The real deal when it comes to military pays is in the Financial Management Regulations (link above). Here you can find everything you ever wanted to know about special pays for the military. It is worth browsing once every 6 months just to make sure you're getting exactly what you're owed (and that you aren't getting overpaid as well!).

With the military cracking down on special pay authorizations, it's imperative that you understand these rules. Read the applicable sections and cite this instruction anytime you write a memo authorizing one of your sailors for a special pay of some kind.