Sunday, April 22, 2012

April NOOCS Manual

So the April NOOCS manual is out. A lot of AQD/NOBC changes. The manual is located here:

- If you worked at an Air Operations Center (AOC) or for a Joint Forces Air Combatant Commander (JFACC), you'll want to check out the changes to the AQD section. BUPERS added a lot of AQDs, including:

DZA: Graduate of Joint Air Operations Command and Control Course
DZB-D: AOC experience
DZE: Certified Naval and Amphibious Liaison Element (NALE)
DZF: Graduate of AOC Combat Operations
DZG: Graduate of AOC Combat Plans
DZH: Graduate of AOC Airspace
DZI: Graduate of AOC Strategy
DZJ: Graduate of AOC ISR
DZK: Graduate of AOC Personnel Recovery
DZL: Graduate of AOC Interface Control Officer
DZM: Graduate of Command and Control Warfare Advanced Course
DZN: Graduate of Joint or Combined Senior Staff Course
DZO: Graduate of JFACC Augmentation Staff Course

- Added some AQDs for recruiting operations officers

- Added some AQDs for Chaplains

- Deleted a few Acquisition AQDs

- Changed the NATO AQD (U7S). Now you take the NATO Staff Officer Orientation Course, another course via distance, and spend 6 months in the job.

- Completely revamped the supply officer AQDs. Now it reads:

903: Auditing
910: Food Services
918: Contingency Assignment (TDY for more than 120 days)
919: Contingency Assignment (12 months TDY)
920: Transportation Management
928: Non-conventional/expeditionary
929: Two non-conventional/expeditionary tours

A ton of supply ones were deleted...if you're a supply officer, you'll want to read the changes very closely.

The NOBCs were added/changed for AOC experience as well.

As always, it's a good idea every 6 months to review your record against the latest NOOCS manual. This way you ensure that when a selection board looks at you, you are properly represented in their eyes.