Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Changes to the NOOCS manual!

It's October, so besides all the fun of a new fiscal year in a continuing resolution, we have some new instruction updates. The new NOOCS manual came out with a lot of AQD changes. Most are just the normal office code shuffle in the Pentagon, but here are the real changes:

- DZQ, for Aviation Safety Officers
- KD8, for nuclear billets that require special screening
- LE and LS, for litigation experts and specialists
- 6AC and 6AE, for aeromedical officers that are also NFO or pilot qualified
- 6OE, for enroute care nurses

The volume II was updated with a few new colleges, but no new school codes. According to the change notes, the 6208 subspecialty was supposed to be added and the 6205 removed....but the manual still has the 6205. No matter how hard the Navy tries, it can't get rid of Information Warfare :)

Manual is here: