Sunday, April 7, 2013

O-4 board is meeting now

Interesting notes from the precepts.

So, the O-4 board is meeting now.

Convening order is here:

Precepts are here:

Some notes:

1. Whoever scanned the Convening Order forgot to use the "darken" setting on the scanner. And seriously, how do you leave the "Sign here" sticky next to SECNAVs signature block?

2. IW, Intel and URL are at 70% selection still. This is a good gives you a chance to cut out the poor performers, and more importantly the "not quite good enough" performers...who will only slow down top performers. The 90-95% selection rate for most others isn't a good thing, it means that these communities are hurting for LCDRs and will take almost anyone with a pulse.

3. As is typical, only URLs have a list of priorities of any length, and the top ones relate to either joint or financial management.

4. The number of RL officers has been reduced. So now only two RL officers sit on a board, and 4 URLs. For people that have picked jobs that directly relate to the fleet, this is good news for them. For those with non-traditional jobs, this is terrible. The job most negatively affected would likely be cyber. Junior Officers in cyber have unique jobs that don't always involve being on ships, aircraft and submarines. Coupled with the sensitivity of their job (that really doesn't lend well to an unclassified FITREP system), these officers are at a massive disadvantage when compared to other officers with more tactical experience.

Should prove to be an interesting board.