Monday, June 3, 2013

That's how we've always done it

I get the above response all the time, especially when I ask questions.

"Sir, we've always done it this way."

What's funny is 90% of the time, when I ask WHY, no one has a good answer. In fact, half the time they have an opinion of how to make it better that would actually work. Which begs the next question: why aren't we doing it that way?

This sentiment is best summed up by Seth at

The tried and true is beyond reproach. It's been tried, and of course, it's true. True because it worked.

In times of change, though, most of the tried is in fact, false. False because what used to work, doesn't, at least not any longer.

Sure, it might be what you've always done. But that doesn't make it true, or right, or best. It just means that you already tried it.

The nature of revolutions is that they destroy the perfect and enable the impossible. Seeking out the tried and true is the wrong direction for crazy times.

Considering how often we talk about how our jobs are constantly changing...we need to heed the above words.