Thursday, July 4, 2013

Reducing administrative burdens

Navy is crowdsourcing ways to reduce administrative burdens. Create a login to RAD below and start submitting! Also, be sure to vote for others ideas (like mine, if you like them).

News report is here:

Update: Obviously this sort of thing is right up my alley. So far I've got 18 ideas up:

- Allow electronic transmission of classified Advancement Exams
- Eliminate skirts from all but dinner dress uniforms
- Fix ITEMPO Excel export feature
- Eliminate race from Navy tracking systems and databases
- Eliminate miniature medals
- Create electronic database for taking quarterly NATOPS exams
- Eliminate firearm registration for on-base housing
- Create One-Way Transfer from SIPR to NIPR for submarines
- Install DCO on all NIPR and SIPR machines
- Create a basic electronic tool training for supervisors
- Create e-Leave and DTS application for Blackberry
- Add GMT about Intelink
- Issue CAC reader to new personnel
- Require 360 Degree Evaluations for all officers and E-6 and above
- Require electronic routing of Air Medals
- Change message traffic to use RSS
- Overhaul IG shore inspections
- Require all PQSs to have a wiki with all references used

If you have a .mil email, go to Navy RAD, create an account, and vote on the ideas you see. You don't have to have your own ideas, or comment on anything, or even reveal your identity (it can be masked so that it says "Community Member," which I think a lot of unit COs are doing). Just get in there and vote.