Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chief Selection Board results

No surprise, the Chief's results came out Thursday:

The season is now on, so, as a JO, what should you be doing?

1. Ask to be involved. Most of the events are going to be run by the Chief's Mess, however, ask your CMC if there is someplace for you. Most CPO 365 programs have events that are open to the Wardroom, and it behooves you to be there. It means a lot for your sailors to see you there.

2. Support your Chief Selects. Make sure you give them the time to attend events. Look at your weekly battle rhythm and make changes if needed to give them the time off.

3. Hold your Chief Selects accountable. Mission and operations don't stop for initiation. Your Chief Select's day job doesn't end, and the worst thing you can do is allow them to disappear. Balancing competing priorities is part of the training.

This training isn't just for your Chief's for your Chief's Mess as well. It's a chance for them to get together and bond as a Mess. For larger commands, it might be one of the few times the Mess actually gets together as a group. Supporting the Mess in this endeavor will benefit your command later on.