Friday, October 25, 2013

Updated NOOCS Manual!

NOOCS manual updates, and boy are there many!

NOOCS Manual is located here:

Summary of changes:

Removed the 1204 Subspecialty (JAG corps)

Added the 9975 NOBC for Foreign Disclosure Officers

Added a number of acquisition AQDs for O-5 and O-6 command tours

Added the BL1 and BL2 AQDs for personnel that completed an electronic warfare course and served 12 months in an electronic warfare billet.

Added two permanent military professor AQDs

Added Command Qualification AQDs: 2D1 for eligible, 2D2 for qualified and having completed a CO leadership course, and 2D3 for screening for major command.

Added a number of AQDs for graduate programs: Pol-Mil (24A), Arthur S Moreau (24B), Federal Executive Fellowship (24C), US Navy Hudson Fellowship (24D), Council on Foreign Relations Fellowship (24E) and Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellows (24F)

Added National Security Law (4NI) and Cyber Law (4NS) AQDs

Modified the 60R for CATF Surgeon

Added a clinical informatics AQD (68L)

Added an ERP SAP AQD (92E)

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