Friday, February 14, 2014

Filling the dead time with language learning

Let's face it, we all have dead time during the day. Mine is typically when I am waiting at the hospital or the pharmacy for what seems like hours on end. I look back at this time and go "Wow, I'll never get that time back..."

Instead of just losing that time, I fill it with language learning. We all say we want to learn a new language, but who has the time? With a smart phone, you can fill that lost hospital time with language learning.

In order to get tapped into the Navy's free software:

- Create a JLU account:, then click on Need an Account on the right. Register with your .mil email address.
- Login. Click on Resources on the left. Then click on the mobile phone icon.

- Now you'll have a screen with lots of resources. The two I use the most are CL-150 and SCOLA. For CL-150, click on the link, then you'll see your user name in the upper right. Click on the name, and you'll get a screen with a password. You need both of those for your mobile app.

- Go to the Play Store (or iStore) and search for Rapid Rote Mobile. Download it. When you start it up it'll ask for a login. Use the previously written down name and password (NOT your JLU account name/password).

CL-150 has flashcards for a huge variety of languages. SCOLA has TV and video for languages. To get SCOLA:
- Download the SCOLA app from the Play Store or iStore.
- Log into JLU, go to resources, then mobile.
- Where you see the SCOLA icon you'll see a tiny mobile icon, which looks like a black rectangle. Click on it. You'll get a screen with your SCOLA login and password. Punch those into your mobile app when you start up SCOLA.