Wednesday, June 18, 2014

NOOCS Update for April (yes, it's late)

NOOCS manual was updated in April.

- Added 6209 subspecialty for Network Operations and Technology
- Deleted the 6201 subspecialty
- Added a 0000 NOBC for transients, trainees and prisoners
- Added the BYB and BYC AQDs for Requirements Management Certification. It's a lot of DAU courses and a flag endorsement
- Modified the HD1 AQD to have a PQS and 12 months on the job for a Recruiting Operations Officer
- Modified the JOM AQD to allow officers to be detailed to a billet without needing the MSOC course, however it is suggested they get it within 12 months of arrival
- Added LG1 and LG2 AQDs for SWOs who are navigators
- Added the TP1 AQD to reflect qualifying the Strategic Sealift PQS and getting the warfare qualification

The modification to JOM bugs me...the Navy is subtly saying the course isn't needed.  If we hope to get better at the Operational level of war we're going to need better planners.  I'd rather they modify MSOC than get rid of it.