Friday, February 27, 2015

Commissary Coupon App for Android

The rewards card is now even easier to use, thanks to an Android app that makes clipping coupons easy. From:

Using the rewards card is simple:
  • Get a rewards card at a commissary.
  • Register the card at
  • "Clip" or download coupons to your account (they are automatically loaded to your card).
  • Print a list of your coupons and bring it and your card with you on your next shopping trip.
  • Present your card at checkout so the cashier can scan it for coupons that match your purchased items.
  • Digital coupons are automatically erased from the account as they are redeemed or if they expire.

I setup the app on my phone in about 20 seconds. Clipping is simple: tap the coupon you want and it's clipped. The expiration date is shown as well, and expired coupons don't clutter up your wallet. The app has a finished feel to it and it doesn't require access to half of your data to do its job. Now you can clip coupons while you wait in line at the commissary (if only you could electronically tip your bagger too!).