Sunday, February 15, 2015

Singapore Navy gets it right on advertising

 The Singapore Navy started an advertising campaign back in 2011 to ensure its population knew about what the Navy did.  Given that our Navy is often overlooked by most of the population, maybe it's time for us to do the same?

You can view the original video here:

I also did a search, and sure enough Singapore Navy did even more videos. Some examples below, they're a good watch.


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  1. Hmm... SG Navy using army ranks for its officers. It sounds weird to call the skipper 'colonel' instead of Captain. The commercials are good anyway.

    Its sad that Americans know little of the Navy aside from SEALS. Nobody wonder on why the Constitution says Congress has the power "To provide and maintain a Navy" while the funding for the army cannot last more than two years.

    The recent USN commercials are getting better. It is a fighting force that sinks our enemies and "not a force for good". I hope they produce commercials that resonate with Americans personally. Another blog suggested a commercial stating that your lower priced goods and oil is because of the Navy.