Saturday, October 3, 2015

Forest City hears the discontent

A while back I blogged that Forest City was changing how it charged for electricity. It would use historical data that basically scammed residents. I and apparently many others wrote about our disapproval to Forest City, with no response. Then we wrote to the Region Command, hoping that an actual Navy person might actually care about us.

Looks like it worked. Recently I received the following email:

Dear Forest City Resident Participating in the RECP Pilot Test Program,

(Note: I like how I'm a "participant" for something I didn't volunteer for.)

I am sending on behalf of RDML Fuller, Commander Navy Region Hawaii.  Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

We appreciate the feedback received from residents thus far.  Based on resident feedback, a significant change to the test process has been made.  Live billing will NOT be implemented in November as previously planned.  Instead, mock billing will continue until at least 30 December 2015, followed by careful analysis of the hard data.  Courses of action will be developed, discussed with participants, and then briefed to CNIC with a recommended way ahead.  Bottom line is we can analyze the data without you paying for electricity under the test methodologies.

You should have received your August mock bill by now.  The test results are similar to the July data (significantly hotter than last year), where inclusion of historical usage date resulted in a lower monthly average for five of the seven Like-Type Groups (LTG) and a higher monthly average for the other two LTGs.  For August, out of the 51 participating homes, here is how the buffer situation changed.

August Mock Bill Result
#Participants moved from In-the-buffer to Above-the-buffer      17
#Participants moved from In-the-buffer to Below-the-buffer      1
#Participants moved from Above-the-buffer to In-the-buffer      3
#Participants moved from Below-the-buffer to In-the-buffer      3
No change in buffer zone                                                             27
Total                                                                                             51

Participant feedback is critical to determining the best outcome of this pilot.  Attached is a questionnaire that offers several areas we need feedback on.  I appreciate questions/ comments in any format.  

Darryl Nii
Public-Private Venture Programs Director & RECP Manager
Navy Region Hawaii 

I'm still generating my'll be good though!


  1. What about all those homes that are so energy inefficienct thay the residents end up paying no matter how hard they try not to? They really need to address that as well.

  2. I don't think their system is fair to anyone involved. There should be a system where 1/3 no matter what gets paid back money. Especially when the homes are not even equally filled. You have couples with no kids in three bedroom homes. And when both work and you have some who is home with kids their usage will be different. FC has done everything they can just to fill houses regardless of filling homes the same. Someone who lives in a 3 bedroom with 2 kids and 2parents is not the same as someone with one or no kids. So how will their usage be the same ever. Their system does not work all they are doing is hurting the families.

  3. Where' this questionnaire? I never received one and I would like to provide some feedback.