Thursday, January 14, 2016

I'll be back soon!

My posting has been minimal for a few reasons:

- The master's thesis took a LOT out of me. It felt like sprinting at the end of the race, only the sprint lasted over a month.
Yeah, I think so too!
- I'm moving this month. Every time I move I discover where the Navy stashes all the admin people that you never liked, so I'm constantly having to show people regulations that they should know already. Fun times! Thankfully my chain of command has given me a lot of leniency in getting things done.

- I'm killing zombies. Well, virtual ones anyway. I downloaded Survivalist on Steam and it's one of the best 3 dollar games I've ever played.
Nothing relieves PCS stress like shooting a zombie in the face with a shotgun!
But so much has happened! The Navy renamed the IDC, announced new medal devices, and at some point is releasing it's innovation award winners. On top of that, Iran took our Sailors (but then gave them back), we had a SOTU and have an upcoming Republican debate. There is a lot to talk about, so I'll be blogging again soon.