Monday, February 22, 2016

What are we called now?

I will give a dollar to anyone who gets this into any sort of official briefing...
So we're changing our name.  Again.  The IDC is no more, it's now the Information Warfare Community, so now I can stop being teased about being an information dominator, and in the interest of keeping this blog 'G' rated, I will spare readers any dominator memes.

Thankfully we in the community were asked for our input.  Since Cyber Warfare and Information Warfare are out, my vote was for Cryptologic Warfare, although then that would make me a Cryptologic Warfare Officer, with the abbreviation CWO.  Not sure how that would workout.

And if you know Warrant Officers, you know this is true

But really, in the end I don't think our name much matters.  I didn't join the community because of the name.  I joined because I feel what we do is important.  I'm seriously worried about the next big fight we will have, whether it be with Russia, China, Iran or some other entity
We had IW first until the IDC changed their name!
I don't enjoy the focus that the name change has gotten.  Seabees have a funny name, but nobody doubts how awesome Seabees are. 
It's true! Image from
The Information Warfare Community has been doing great stuff, yet the only press releases that seem to come about concern our ever-changing identity.  Granted a lot of what we do is classified, but there is plenty that isn't.  I'm hoping once we have changed our name (again), it'll be for a while and we can focus on sharing our mission more than what we call ourselves.