Saturday, July 30, 2016

Blended Retirement System Webinar

From a recent email:

OSD will present an overview of the new Blended Retirement System and host a question and answer session on the new Blended Retirement System on Tuesday, 16 Aug @ 1300 EDT. Details are contained in the attached flyer. Please forward the attached to your Centers and encourage them to pass the information along to Sailors and Family Members.
As reminder, the new blended retirement system will take effect 1 January 2018. Training for leadership is posted on Joint Knowledge Online:

You should attend, and you should ask hard questions. Let's be straight, as I said here and here:

- The primary purpose of Blended Retirement is to reduce cost to the US Government. Any call for "fairness" is a ploy.
- Unless you max out your contribution right from the very beginning, you are more than likely not going to do as well as the regular retirement, especially for enlisted Sailors!
- All of the things the government could have done to make it fair (match earlier, guarantee the bonus at 12 years, etc.) they chose not to do.

Go. Ask hard questions. Don't be surprised when the answers match what I told you they would.