Review your electronic record

While I was on "shore duty" (in quotes because I managed to find myself deployed for over half of the first year I was there), I put in a lateral transfer package. Since I have an electrical engineering degree and a good record, I figured I was a shoe-in for Information Warfare. So, you can imagine my surprise when I did not make the list. I did get a phone call from the Officer Community Manager, who basically told me he wasn't going to let me go until he had made department head numbers. While I had him on the phone, I asked him what promotion boards look at, and he rattled on about my electronic record.

So, I found the BUPERS login, logged in, and to my surprise found...a LOT of things missing.

It dawned on me: no wonder the board didn't pick me up for IW. What they saw was a below-average JO trying to leave for greener pastures.

Thus began my year long crusade to fix my record. I had saved my papers (on advice from my dad), so I was able to get things copied, scanned, and eventually into my record where they belonged. It was painful, and there wasn't a lot of help, as most people just assumed that the yeoman at their command was taking care of them.

Now I hear Commanding Officers say "Make sure your electronic record is up to date!", but these words ring rather hollow to the new Ensign, who has no clue what she is supposed to check. And why should she? Nobody trained her in ROTC on this. Nobody told her the websites and what each one has. Nobody told her where to send records in to be changed. Heck, nobody even told her how to change her name if she gets married and takes her husbands last name (BTW, the name change process is painful, I know lots of girls that had to do it).

Apparently our new Ensigns are supposed to magically know exactly where the Navy stuffs all their records, who owns what, and how to update them. And our Navy Leadership, unless it happens to have spent a tour in Millington, isn't exactly conducting Wardroom training on this, despite the fact that you could go years without reviewing your record and then get totally screwed over.

So, BEHOLD: How to Review Your Record

A word document that you can use to review your Navy electronic record. It's specifically for officers, although if someone on the enlisted side is reading this and makes an enlisted version, I'll be more than happy to host it as well.

OK, so you've reviewed it, and there are errors! What do you do?

For your ODC, go here and you'll get the information you need to update the different fields.

If you're enlisted, I've got you covered to. From one of the detailer shops, use this sheet when looking through your record.