The Military TDY Guide: A book you should own

You can buy "The Military TDY Guide" here:

I wrote the guide because despite travel regulations and payment going electronic and becoming easily audited, I continue to see service members lose money.  Sometimes its just bad gouge from a friend, sometimes it's simply ignorance about the rules, but in many cases it's deliberate actions of someone in a command's travel office.  I saw that a lot at one of my command's and it frustrates me to this day.

The book is 5 dollars on amazon.  That may seem like a lot in the era of 0.99 cent books, but its on par with how much a fancy coffee costs.  You'll easily save 5 dollars or more after your first trip, so really this is a huge bargain.  If you don't have a Kindle you can get a free e-reader and read it off your computer.

If you do buy the book, please take 2 minutes at the end to rate it.  Rated items always sell better on Amazon.  It'll take less time than you spend updating Facebook during the day, and I'll appreciate it more than most of your Facebook friends do :)

This won't be a one-off publication.  I'd love your feedback and I plan to update the book in 6-9 months.  Please email me with suggestions and complaints.