Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Master Training Specialists

So an interesting article on

PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) -- The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) announced Jan. 9 the update of the Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) for master training specialists (MTS).

The updated PQS is available on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) via the Navy PQS link found on the Quick Links tab in the middle of the left side of the main NKO page. From the Navy PQS page, Sailors should click on the PQS 43100 Series link on the left side and choose the 43100.7 link for the new MTS PQS.

"The master training specialist designation provides recognition for outstanding individual effort and fosters greater command training professionalism," said Frank Topf, PQS program manager for NETC N7 in Norfolk, Va. "MTS-qualified instructors have not only demonstrated highly effective teaching skills and a comprehensive understanding of schoolhouse management, but also take a leadership role in mentoring, instructing and evaluating instructors and curriculum."

The PQS program is used by officers and enlisted personnel to obtain the minimum level of competency required to perform specific duties, including qualifying to stand watches or perform other specific routine duties necessary for the safety, security or proper operation of a ship, aircraft or support system.

"This MTS PQS rewrite included major updates," said Topf. "The biggest changes were details on how curriculum and curriculum development has changed and a breakdown of the end-to-end process from inception to delivery to the fleet."

I haven't checked it out yet (looks like a job for tomorrow!), but I'm wondering if there is potential to learn something new and have an additional qualification on your record.