Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's what you get out of it, not where you've been

Great article about the college application process that can really apply to being a Naval Officer. It's all about what you get out of your tours, not about where your tours are. Sadly, that doesn't always pan out on a promotion board, but if you focus on getting a lot out of each tour, at the very least you'll be better prepared for challenges ahead.


Best part:

"Whether your envelopes are fat or thin (and I hope everyone gets fat ones this year, and lots of them), the time has come to stop thinking about college admissions and to start thinking about the much more interesting and important subject of what to do in college.

American education has its problems, and if the world appointed me the Exalted Grand Poohbah I would make a few changes — but even so, four years to study and try out activities and ideas is a wonderful opportunity. Most people spend too much time trying to get into the right college and not nearly enough time trying to get the most out of the college in which they have enrolled."

I had an experience like this. I really wanted to go to Naples, Italy for my shore tour. My wife completely axed that plan, as she was a bit scared about having a baby while overseas. I wasn't happy, so I took a job as a Tomahawk missile planner in Norfolk...which ended up being a completely awesome tour, where I managed to do work overseas, work with a NATO unit, and work as a flag aide, PLUS get a lateral transfer into the community I really wanted to be in...all things that would probably have never happened had I went to Naples.

Make the most of what you'd be surprised how often in the end it was the right thing for you!