Saturday, April 28, 2012

Your pay will become part of a giant burueaucracy

As if it wasn't already in a large enough organization, now BUPERS will own it all:

"CNIC currently executes PASS via Regional Commanders, the Navy Pay and Personnel Support Center (NPPSC), PSDs and CSDs. Navy-wide timeliness of pay-impacting transactions has improved more than 40% under CNIC's stewardship and customer satisfaction is at an all time high according to CNIC officials."

I can say I'm happy now, but in the past I've had major issues with the pay folks, like not turning off my tax exemption, and then taking it all out of my paycheck in one lump sum (instead of evenly over 3 months). Not sure if it was DFAS or the local commands fault, but it made it hard to properly manage my finances in the short term.