Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DTS...you need it!

Defense Travel System is not going away. If you do any amount of TDY travel, you need to learn how to use it. I spent some time on the DTMO website learning how to use DTS, and it paid off immensely:

- While I was stationed in Norfolk, I wrote a number of no-cost TDY orders for myself to go to schools in the area, including classes at the Joint Forces Staff College. The end result was that I got more education then what I would have normally gotten on dead-end staff duty.

- I took the voucher class, and I managed to get paid quickly for all my travel expenses.

The DTMO website is here:


(CAC required)

I recommend logging in and doing the following training:
- DTS 101
- Travel Card 101

Also, watch the following demos:
- Create a voucher
- Create a local voucher
- First time log into DTS

The time you spend on this skill will be well worth it.