Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The Navy FINALLY updated the SORM. For those not in the know, the Standard Organization and Regulations Manual (SORM) covers how the Navy is organized: what a Division Officer does, what a Department is, etc.

You can download the latest SORM here:

Just in case you wondered what you are supposed to do as a division officer, your responsibilities are:

(1) Supervises the performance of the work centers within the division carrying out the shipboard maintenance and material management system to ensure optimum material readiness; assists in the management and is accountable to the department head for the proper operation of the 3M program for the equipment within his divisional responsibility.

(2) Schedules and conduct training for division personnel. Division training should include indoctrination of new personnel, PQS related training within the division, and preparation for advancement in rating. The division officer designates petty officers qualified to authenticate completion of Sailor PQS qualifications (See Chapter 8).

(3) By personal supervision and frequent inspection, ensure that spaces, equipment, and supplies assigned to the division are satisfactorily maintained. Conduct periodic inspections, exercises, and musters to evaluate performance and discipline in the division. Initiates appropriate corrective measure for identified deficiencies.

(4) Promptly reports to the department head repairs which may be required or other defects which need correction which they are unable to effect.

(5) Assigns personnel to watches and duties within the division and develop rotation programs for battle stations, watches, and general duties to ensure the training and proficiency of assigned personnel.

(6) Maintains a division notebook containing personal data, training data, a space and equipment responsibility log, the watch and battle stations to be manned, and other useful data for the orientation of relieving officer and for ready reference (Standard record forms, division officer's Personnel Record Form (NAVPERS 1070/6) are available through the general supply system). This information enables annual enlisted performance evaluations for personnel of the division.

(7) Responsible for all administration of the division including forms, reports, and correspondence originated or maintained by the division. Forwards requests for leave, liberty, and special privileges with recommendations.

(8) Ensures damage control equipment, fittings, and check-off lists in assigned spaces are in proper working condition and properly labeled. Supervises the division damage control (safety) petty officer in safety matters.

So now you know!