Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chiefly Expectations: A JO's Perspective

I'm guest blogging on CDR Heritage's blog here:

An exerpt:

The Division Officer/Division Chief is the best team out there that the Navy has: two people, about the same age, with vastly different backgrounds, expectations, and experiences, leading a division of Sailors. The core concept is that each person offsets the other’s weaknesses.  While the Chief has the experience to run the division, the officer is going to translate the Commanding Officer’s intentions into something actionable.  The officer will bring in new ideas, but the Chief will keep them grounded in reality.  It’s a program that has worked for decades.


  1. comments right on target once again!

  2. Well said and I agree. I am also the benefactor of being "raised" by some senior, salty chief petty officers who weren't afraid to pull me aside after quarters and say, "Don't you EVER say that in front of the division again, SIR." My perception is that the average experience level of our chiefs quarters' has dwindled over the years as we have made it easier to achieve the rank of E-7 without ever learning to be THE CHIEF. I am concerned that my junior officers today aren't getting the same chief-divo mentorship that I received when I was a divo.