Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's the officer's job to question why we do stuff

I came across this from a blogger I follow:

I think it's quite relevant since more than a few division officers have massive headaches with training.

My first thoughts when I hear the phrase "Navy Training" is:
- A room full of sailors watching a powerpoint
- A sailor sitting at a computer clicking away at NKO
- A sailor with a chief sitting next to him, hovering over a piece of equipment

Sadly, only one of those images can be classified as effective. I don't know how, but we've gotten to the point where we often tolerate ineffective training via powerpoint, when we could have way better training. Maybe it's because a powerpoint is easy to measure, easy to route for approval, and just plain easy. But in most's wrong.

Taking the easy route on training short-changes your sailors in the long term. It may be more difficult to get a setup in the engine room, or to schedule the bridge simulator at a schoolhouse, or to get time on the watchfloor when there isn't much going on...but it's worth every minute in the end when your sailors are better able to do their jobs.