Tuesday, December 4, 2012

JPME from Air Force does not equal credit (unless you go to AUACSC)

Just in case you're a doubter:


You cannot get JPME credit via Air War College doesn't count...you have to use either the Naval War College or Air University Air Command and Staff College.

If you're in the reserves, go here:



  1. JPME Phase I through the Air Force Senior College does not count for the Navy, but according to your link the Air University Air Command And Staff College's JPME Phase I is. This undoubtedly leads to some confusion, as both are accessed from the same Air Force website - https://ausis.maxwell.af.mil/SIS/app/template/reports%2CStudentCourseInfo.vm

    Your headline is misleading, because you can get credit from the Air Force for JPME Phase I. You just have to read the directions and make sure you get the right course to avoid wasting time and energy on the Air War College.

  2. You are correct good sir...title updated! Also, as a side note, you can start JPME Phase I as a LT at the Naval War College, vice a LCDR at the Air University.

  3. I'm a little late to the conversation (by nine months) but...

    You've linked to the AJPME page on Joint Forces Staff College website.

    The other programs you discussed (ACSC-DL and the Naval War College's distance education programs) are accredited for Phase-1 JPME.

    Advanced JPME (AJPME) plays the same role for the Reserve Components (SELRES and FTS) that JPME Phase-2 plays for the active component.

    So, no reservist should attend (or, for that matter, can be admitted to) AJPME without previously completing a JPME Phase-1 program.

    JPME Phase-1 = JS7 AQD
    JPME Phase-2 = JS8 AQD

    (I completed ACSC-DL in January 2006 and graduated from AJPME in March 2007.)