Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cyber Operations Fundamentals Course


Yes, a post with how to register for COFC.

I first noticed the Cyber Operations Fundamentals Course when it popped up on the Joint Qualification Report a while back. I had found every other distance learning class that was eligible for joint discretionary points...except COFC.

So began the saga of searching. I looked everywhere, and then I randomly fell onto an Air Force Officer's blog who was deployed overseas and taking the course. I emailed her, and she directed me to the 229th IO Squadron's page, located here:


I went ahead and registered for the course. I had two options: take half the course on NIPR and the other half on SIPR, or all on SIPR. I chose all on SIPR.

The course was really good, albeit very long. Every section is about 2-3 hours in length, and there are 11 sections, but one section is 3 parts, and another 2 are two parts, making for 15 parts altogether. There is an exam at the end of each part, which you have three attempts to pass. You're given 8 weeks to complete the course, and I recommend you start early, as this is not a course that can be rushed in one weekend.

The class material is interesting, but be forewarned, it is not for the feint of heart. I learned more than I ever wanted about telephony systems and routers. The class focuses on Air Force networks, but I found it applicable to Navy networks as well. There is a bunch of generic joint training in it (JFC construction, authorities, etc.) so there are parts I blew through, but some (like router configurations) were more painful. Overall, I think it was a good introduction to cyber, and certainly made me smarter in quite a few areas. It's likely not on the level of Cyber 200 or Cyber 300, but it lays some foundation work for those courses.

I conveniently had a blog follower send me the registration link too (thanks Chris!) over the weekend, so I figured it's about time to share the registration and class process with everyone now.