Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Same-sex partner benefits training

Command Triad (CO, XO and CMC) and chaplains are required to complete NKO training on same-sex partner benefits. Details here:

1.  This NAVADMIN provides training and policy updates 
required to extend benefits for same sex partners.  Tailored training 
designed to ensure Navy is ready to extend benefits to same sex 
domestic partners has been developed and is being deployed.  Command 
leadership teams and designated service providers each have their own 
specific training.

2.  Command triad training is available on Navy e-learning for all 
active and reserve commanding officers, executive officers, and senior 
enlisted leaders.  Per ref (b), all sitting and prospective command 
triad members shall complete this on-line course NLT 23 August 2013.  
Navy e-learning can be accessed
directly at or through the "learning"
tab of the NKO portal.  The course name and number are "Extending 
Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners of Military Members" 
DON-EBSSDPMM-1.0.  Personnel may enroll in the course by accessing a 
link under the mandatory training section of the Navy e-learning 
homepage.  Assistance with Navy e-learning is available through the 
Naval Education and Training Command call center at (850) 452-1001, 
DSN 459-1001 (Menu Option 1) or(877) 253-7122 (Menu Option 1).  
Commanders may designate additional members to complete the training 
as necessary.

3.  Documentation.  Command triad training will automatically be 
documented in the Fleet Training, Management and Planning System
(FLTMPS) upon completion of the Navy e-learning course.  Commanders 
and commanding officers shall continue training execution oversight of 
the triad and take appropriate actions to ensure training completion 
by 23 August 2013.

4.  Chaplain Corps Training.  Face-to-face training is required for 
all chaplains per ref (b).  The Chief of Chaplains office will publish 
training dates/times/locations and will document and report training 
completion to OPNAV N1. 

5.  Per ref (b), other designated service provider training (i.e., 
Judge Advocate General, Master-at-Arms, Personnel Specialists,
Detailers) schedules and methods will be announced, implemented, and 
reported by their respective community leadership.