Sunday, July 7, 2013

Changes to NPS certificate programs

Currently, NPS certificate programs don't entail a commitment after completion. This is controlled by OPNAVINST 1520.38B.

However, apparently this will change soon. I recently received this email:

FYSA…  In the near future there will be a change in policy regarding service obligation for participants in NPS DL and certificate programs.  As part of the draft OPNAVINST 1520.23C, Graduate Education instruction, ALL certificate programs will result in a one year service obligation upon completion or withdrawal.  There is a loophole now that permits participation without the service obligation (noted on the bottom of this newsletter), but that will be changing soon (estimate within the next six months).
Certificates will have a service obligation of 1 year upon completion or withdrawal.
All off-duty DL programs will have a service obligation of 2 year upon completion or withdrawal.
EMBA Program has a service obligation of 3 years upon completion or withdrawal.
Very respectfully,
Doctor of Education
Director of Programs, Naval Postgraduate School
1 University Circle, Herrmann Hall Rm. 043B
Monterey, CA 93943