Sunday, July 14, 2013

You better use the whole zip code

or else your mail will get returned.

RMKS/1.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) is resizing military mail processing operations from 
two coastal locations to one location in Chicago, IL to gain efficiencies in military mail delivery.  As part 
of this effort, new procedures affecting configuration of mobile  Fleet Post Office (FPO) addresses have 
been implemented to completely leverage automated mail sorting equipment and reduce manual 
sorting workload.

2.  Each Navy mobile unit (i.e., ships, squadrons, and detachments)has a unique, nine-digit (ZIP+4) FPO 
ZIP code.  Per reference (a), and effective immediately, the sender must include the full, correct, nine-
digit ZIP code on all classes of mail, or USPS will return mail to sender marked undeliverable as 

3.  Service members must ensure all correspondents, personal and professional, are aware of and use 
the full, correct, nine-digit ZIP code.  Navy mobile units should promulgate this policy change, with their 
nine-digit ZIP code, via plan of the day notes, site TV announcements, family-grams, and/or any other 
media means available.