Sunday, July 27, 2014

A book is coming!

Yes, I am writing a book.  It's about how to successfully travel in today's military.  I keep finding a lot of bad gouge passed down from leadership about how to travel.  Too many people talk about the "glory days" of paper travel claims and how much money they're going to make, as if the purpose of travel is to put money in Sailor's pockets.

While you can make money while traveling, the point is to accomplish a mission.  Lot's of people don't travel effectively and as a result fail at their mission, which wastes government money in a time when we don't have the money to spend.

I had a Sailor travel to a bordering state with three other Sailors to attend a class on some new equipment we had.  We were provided with a study sheet a week before, and three of the Sailors cracked down and studied while the other did not.  After failing the initial entrance exam three times, I had to pay to bring him back.  I investigated the situation, and we ended up booting him from the division.

What saddened me was that plenty of other people said it wasn't a big deal.  Really?  Wasting government money because you were too lazy to study?  That attitude is part of what is wrong in today's military.

Anyway, the book will be out on Amazon here in about a week.

(edited. I'm becoming a bit more conscious about ownership of images.  After reading a lot of horror stories about people getting sued, I'm shying away from images I find on the internet and creating my own instead.)