Thursday, October 2, 2014

High Year Tenure Changes

Luckily not for active duty...

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Navy announced changes to its High Year Tenure (HYT) policy in NAVADMIN 223/14, released Sept. 26.
"High Year Tenure is a management tool used to properly size and shape the Navy's Total Force," said Capt. William Kronzer, branch head, Enlisted Personnel Plans and Policy. "In 2012, we merged active and drilling reserve HYT policies and adjusted gates on length of service (LOS). After a subsequent review, and keeping with the Total Force perspective, we saw a need to include Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members under this same policy."

The IRR includes members of Navy Reserve Volunteer Training Units (VTUs) and the Navy Reserve's Active Status Pool (ASP). New rules impacting these members include making LOS limits apply to the IRR and establishing a ceiling for ASP Sailors not serving in the VTU. ASP Sailors can affiliate with the VTU prior to reaching the imposed ceiling. The new rules will effect an estimated 700 ASP and IRR Sailors but are intended to ensure parity for all.

"Until now, LOS limits for IRR were not consistent with active duty and drilling reservist limits," said Kronzer. "We have corrected this to ensure equity for all members serving in the Navy."

All changes are enumerated in MILPERSMAN (MPM) article 1160-120, the Navy's HYT policy. Other updates include a Reserve status chart clarifying service categories, the inclusion of Reserve-specific language in the revised MPM, and updated procedures for applying for waivers.

The NAVADMIN advises all affected Sailors to receive counseling from their command and unit career counselors. Notification of ASP Sailors will be done by the Reserve Enlisted Personnel Branch (PERS-913).

Both NAVADMIN 223/14 and MPM 1160-020 are available online at the Navy Personnel Command website at