Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Back when the Navy launched planes from transport ships using wires

We often talk about today's Navy being so different from previous generations, due to drones, the electromagnetic spectrum, and a myriad of other developments.  As I learn more about history, however, I realize that most of these ideas are old.

Remote control boats?  Try a remote control battleship, the USS Utah, still viewable today off Ford Island after being sunk during the raid on Pearl Harbor.

Jamming enemy transmissions?  Old, like 1905 old.

Air-independent propulsion submarines?  Old, Russia had one as early as 1908.

Launch small planes from transports?  Already done. Called the Brodie System, it could launch multiple planes up to 7000 pounds.

The point of studying history isn't to memorize dates and places.  If all you know about WW2 is battles and locations, you're an idiot.  History teaches us about innovation.  History helps us develop new ideas for the future.  History helps guide us, if we truly let it.  And above all, history is extremely interesting when you get into the human aspect and away from the memorization.