Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Groton does art

So what do you do on Labor Day when the remnants of Hurricane Hermine threaten the eastern seaboard? In my case, you throw your kids into a car and go hunt down the 21 mini-submarines that are hiding throughout the Groton area.

Yes, Groton has mini-submarines in hiding, thanks to celebrating Connecticut's Submarine Century. Since I didn't have anything better to do, this seemed like a fun hide-and-go-seek project on a lazy Monday.

Mini-Sub #1: Flashback to the 60's

If you hang around this submarine too long, you might fail your next urinalysis

Submarine #1 was on the Indian Reservation most known for hosting Foxwoods Casino. After nearly running over a flock of turkeys, we managed to find this psychedelic submarine outside the Pequot Museum.

Mini-Sub #2: Mystic in a drawing

But the credit union is closed on Labor Day...
After a 15 minute drive, we found our next mini-sub at the entrance to the local credit union. Being a holiday (and 0830 in the morning), it was easy to bypass the non-existent traffic to snap some photos of this submarine highlighting the Mystic skyline.

Mini-Sub #3: Making me hungry

But it's not even 1100 yet...
Sponsored by none other than Subway, this mini-sub outside the Mystic Aquarium screamed lunch time. Luckily for me, it was only 0900 and I had eaten a decent breakfast.

Mini-Sub #4: Clowning around

Mystic Seaport, one of our most popular attractions, hosted this cute rendition on a submarine. My kids loved it. The artist made some quips about blending in with nature and our current stealthy submarines. Me, I drank more coffee.

Mini-Sub #5: 'Merica

But the flag is blowing the wrong way...
Can you get anymore patriotic than a submarine sailing into the sunset with an American flag blowing in the wind? Nope. Not in Groton anyway. This mini-sub outside of Bank Square Books showed a pro-military spirit you wouldn't expect to find in the NorthEast.

Mini-Sub #6: Teenagers these days...

Too busy making love to make art?
It's been a while since I was in high school, but this mini-sub seemed to be everything I remember hating about artsy kids during that time.

Mini-Sub #7: The not-supposed-to-exist sub

Wait, are you supposed to be here?
My printed map said this submarine didn't exist. The application on my phone said otherwise. Since I could actually touch this submarine, I chose to believe.

Mini-Sub #8: Flowery

It's like a tatoo
So the submarine outside the Groton Public Library looked like something my Sailors would get tattooed on their arm. Or other parts of their body better suited for a .xxx domain.

Mini-Sub #9: The Razzle-Dazzle

Not quite the sidewalk pattern though
Mad props to the artist of this submarine, who invoked previous Dazzle camouflage efforts of World War One when painting this submarine.

Mini-Sub #10: 'Merica 2

Where does your piece of 'Merica fit in?
Even more American than mini-sub #5, this mini-sub in the UCONN Avery Point campus reminded me of Captain America's awesome shield as we walked up to it.

Mini-Sub #11: Commies at EB?

Why EB, why?
So this mini-sub is called "Evolution" and sits outside Electric Boat. It is supposed to show the evolution of submarine design. It should scream America. So why in the heck does it have a picture of an ALFA-class Russian Submarine on the front? I don't get it.

Mini-Sub #12: Power Outage

We are the Great Green Navy, but we don't have sails
Groton Electric sponsored this mini-sub outside their headquarters. Pretty cool, except all the references to wind make me wonder if they are trying to push renewable energy on submarines.

Mini-Sub #13: Aquarium in a boat

Totally for the kids
My kids loved this one, enough that they didn't notice my finger in the photo.

Mini-Sub #14: The Nautilus, not by the Nautilus

Jules Verne anyone?
So this min-sub depicted a Nautilus. But it wasn't by the USS NAUTILUS. Weird.

Mini-Sub #15: An odd turtle

They were both odd
This mock-up of the TURTLE, outside a Senior Center sponsored by the Odd Fellows, couldn't have been more appropriate.

Mini-Sub #16: Get qualified nub!

Even the retired NAUTILUS says you're not worthy
So outside the historic ship NAUTILUS was a mini-sub not painted like a nautilus. But, it did have a set of dolphins on it, reminding all visitors that they needed to get qualified fast or risk being a dinq nub forever.

Mini-Sub #17: Is it really a surface ship?

I thought the Coasties were escorts only?
Right outside Union Station, this mini-sub had surface ships...I mean, targets, painted all over it. What gives? Maybe it was a nod to New London hosting the USS TRUXTUN while she sheltered from the hurricane? Who knows.

Seriously. How often do you see a DDG in New London?
Mini-Sub #18: The untouchable

Admire from a distance
The local Coca-Cola bottling plant sponsored this mini-sub, and promptly put it behind a locked gate. Since I respect private property, and didn't want to teach my kids bad lessons, we photographed this one from a distance.

Mini-Sub #19: Under the sea!

They modeled the good looking guy with the trident after me :)
Outside the kid's museum in Niantic, despite the drive my kids loved this submarine.

Mini-Sub #20: Too appropriate?

Subliminal messaging?
Yes, I know submariners like to party. And likely drink. But do we have to emphasize that?

Mini-Sub #21: We love submarines

We <3 br="" submarines="">
For the softer, squishier, cuter side of submarines, there is this mini-sub at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

An otherwise dreary Labor Day was spent rushing around like a spastic Pokemon Go player finding mini-submarines with my kids. And honestly, it was a blast.