Monday, February 6, 2012

If you go to write a letter to your commanding officer...

Don't turn it into a 16 slide powerpoint. I wrote a letter to my CO, but all it had was a brief introduction and that I was excited to come and work at my first submarine.

The slides in the article are just...sad.

From CDR Salamander:

""Send a letter to your gaining Command ..... "

Where is that advice written? I remember reading it once or twice - and it was something I never did; just not my style. My instincts were spot on with this - as a nice Fleet LT we had a new guy coming to our command - a guy with a "reputation." You know the type. He was loved by the people who wrote his FITREP, but despised by his peers. Sure, he was a smart and talented guy; but a cheesy, back-stabbing a55-smack if there ever was one. He would have done just fine on his own merits; but no - the knob had to go to 11.

I guess it worked out well for him though - his career did quite well on the bodies he stepped over. Thank goodness he was never in my competitive group. Eeeekkkk.

Back to the letter though. One of the great comeuppances to this guy was that he wrote the CO a letter prior to his arrival. Good googly moogly it was one of the most sychophantic, narcissistic, and bragging pieces of work you have ever seen. Good thing for the JOs though, we had a very good YN2 who slipped us a copy. The AOM prior to his arrival, one of the more senior LTs (who had a history with this guy from previous command), put this up on the overhead. No commentary - no reading aloud - just put it up there. You can figure out the rest."