Sunday, November 25, 2012

Facebook troubles

Yup, it can get you into very fast. So, let's look at the case of Lindsey Stone, described here:

Now, Ms. Stone might have thought her photo was funny, but it very much backfired on her, and she might not have a job with LIFE anymore.

People are normally careful when voicing their opinion in public, but for some reason not enough people fear the internet's ability to move information quickly. Ms. Stone is getting beat up badly, and has essentially withdrawn from Facebook in an attempt to lay low for a while. Before you go posting something on Facebook, you need to ask some questions:

1. Are your friends on Facebook really friends? There is a setting to make people "acquaintances," and you should use it. Most of the people on your Facebook friends list are not real friends at all. You can restrict people's access to your Facebook data using acquaintances, described here:

2. Do you really need to post your opinion? Is it worth arguing with someone online? Do your friends really need to see your not-so-humorous photo? I stick with a policy of posting anything even slightly controversial after sleeping on it. What it ends up meaning in the end is that I don't post a lot, but what I do post is well thought out.

3. What would someone have to type into google to get your post? Google, among other things, matches a search term to your article. If you start to think about what search term matches your might phrase your post differently.

If you can answer all those questions, post away! Otherwise, be careful, because your posts may backfire on you.