Saturday, March 9, 2013

Navy tuition assistance going away?

TA may no longer exist.

Article here:

Basically, the Army and Marines have turned off new TA requests. The Navy and Air Force are considering removing it. Not a huge surprise here, since the Navy and Air Force require more technical knowledge of their service members on average than the Army or Marines.

Point is, you should always work steadily towards your education goals so that you don't get stung by things like this. Think about compounding interest. It doesn't help you to put a lot of money late in the game to get something, because it doesn't have time to grow. Putting in a little at a time from the beginning and you get a massive return. Education is the same way. Taking a class at a time, starting early, and dragging it out over a number of years ensures you have a higher chance of finishing your degree no matter what happens to your deployment schedule, DoD budget, or life in general