Friday, March 1, 2013

Sequestration is here!

What are you doing to get by?

Main article here:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Basically, neither a Democrat nor Republican plan worked. So, we're going into cuts. I already posted some of what I did to minimize the effects on my operations. Here's some more of what I'm doing:

- We got the contact information for the various military airlift command (MAC) terminals, and gave it to our N4. Normally folks are booked on commercial air, since we don't have a nearby military airport and we don't send out a large number of people at one time. What we can do now is book commercial, then call the MAC terminal and book seats on an available flight. After the booking, we cancel the commercial flight and save anywhere between 1800-3000 dollars per sailor.

- Everything is electronic. If I have to review a word document, I save it as a PDF and then use the "comment" feature to insert sticky notes where I need corrections made. This prevents me from printing it out, saving on ink and paper.

- We're moving towards electronic personnel qualification system cards. Rather than a heavy stack of paper qual cards, we would store your qual card on Intelink (, and qualifiers would digitally sign it. This saves paper AND it is more secure than a physical signature, which can (and has, at previous commands of mine) be forged easily.

Any other suggestions on how to survive with a tightening budget?