Thursday, March 14, 2013

The NPS certificates do matter

The certificates do in fact go on your record.

So recently I completed the four courses required for the Digital Communications certificate, while working towards my masters degree:

EC3500 - Analysis of Random Signals (4-0)
EC3510 - Communications Engineering (3-1)
EC4550 - Digital Communications (4-0)
EC4580 - Error Correction Coding (4-0)

I had often asked whether I would get anything on my Officer Record for this, and never got a straight answer from NPS. But, today while logging into BUPERS Online, I saw this in my ODCR:

 So, not only did the certificate get entered under the Formal Education block, I also wound up with the 5300L subspecialty code! How about that, just in time for the selection board!

After some digging, I found the website at NPS that lists what every certificate gives you for a subspecialty code. It's located here:

Scroll down to the section titled "Certificate Curricula," and you'll find the list.