Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Navy tuition assistance, part two

The controversy continues...

So, when I checked my Analytics account, I was shocked that the tuition assistance article already had 374 pageviews...which for this blog is massive. I also found out that TA was a big question at our CO's recent E5 call, and likely prompted this email from our Educational Services Officer:

"As of today, Navy TA is still being funded and is still AVAILABLE for Navy personnel! This doesn't mean it can't happen, just that it is not scheduled to happen at this point. So if you have heard rumors contradicting this, it is just that, rumors. IF Navy TA is shut off, it will most likely be "no notice". For this reason, it is IMPERATIVE that you do NOT REGISTER for class with your school until you have an AUTHORIZED TA VOUCHER in your hands. Additionally, there is no official discussion of the GI Bill stopping either."
Well, looks like the Air Force just suspended their program:

It is NOT looking good for us. Hopefully the Navy keeps TA alive.