Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Space Cadre overhaul


Navy Space gets a new look, and new codes.

New Space Cadre AQDs. Message is here:


- It's eliminating the VS1 AQD. So no more getting space cadre credit by doing some distance courses from NPS.
- It's requiring Space 200 and Space 300 (Air Force courses) for AQDs. This is a good thing, from everything I've heard the Air Force courses are more rigorous than what we had previously.
- It's creating new AQDs for DAWIA certification. That's a good thing...we don't have enough smart people in Navy Acquisitions, so this will help differentiate them from others.

Overall, I think this is good. We need a real space cadre, not just some folks that spend a tour in a space billet and then punch. This should make it easier to develop a career path for Navy Space Cadre Officers.

I haven't found links yet on how to register for Space 100, 200 and 300...but I'm searching.