Friday, July 19, 2013

Apparently drinkers are zombies?

First, I will applaud the Navy's SAPR program with attempting to be a little more interesting. I'm glad we're getting training that is more interesting than what has been done in the past.

That being said, this video is a big turn-off (and has become the butt of a lot of jokes at work) for a variety of reasons:

1. When are we going to get past the stereotype "guys want to get hammered and have sex, girls are just nice?" Having gone to a normal college, there were plenty of females that headed out to fraternity parties to get hammered and get laid. Continuing to reinforce this stereotype makes it hard to defend this video with real sailors, who see right through the sham.

2. How about teaching some responsible drinking? We are either all alcoholics or prohibitionists in the Navy's eyes. There is such a thing as responsible drinking, but how many Navy videos feature folks having a drink together after work during happy hour and enjoying each others company? By attempting to make drinking a black/white issue, the Navy has successfully isolated the majority of sailors that want to drink but perhaps didn't get a chance to learn (maybe because by the time they are 21 they are out of the house and learning from their just as uninformed friends?).

3. And why are the good guys and girls (and it is mostly girls) completely lame? Who shows up in NWUs on a hot day to play frisbee? How about "Hey, we're going bowling with the division, and if you'd like to drink, Chief so-and-so is offering to drive folks back home so you can enjoy a beer with your shipmates and bowl a few frames." Way more realistic and not nearly as corny.