Monday, August 26, 2013

Do you rewrite your emails?

Did you ever sit down and write an essay in one try for a school project? Most essays take multiple revisions to get right. Writing, re-writing, reading it again and writing it takes time and effort to write a good essay.

A typical email probably takes 30 seconds to write, and yet with as much short term policy that is created using email, shouldn't we take more time? How many times have you written an email, then paused and read it over again and rewrote sections? Have you thought how your email will be read, forwarded, and interpreted by others?

Most people don't bother, and yet why are we surprised when our emails are misinterpreted, misused, and sent to the wrong people?

Too quickly the lessons from grade school are lost. Take time in the future with everything you write. You'll be surprised at the results.