Tuesday, March 18, 2014

JO Retention in crisis?

Another whitepaper on JO retention is here.

Some thoughts:

- One factor listed is that Millennials (those born 1981-1995) are different than previous generations and are "placing a greater emphasis on being supported and appreciated."

While on its face this sounds like whining, let's jump into an Ensign's shoes here: you work your butt off to get a four-year engineering degree, work hard through your initial Navy training, then get to your ship and get treated like garbage for 5 years? And the promise of the next 5 years is...more poor treatment? OR...you can get out, get paid more, get treated professionally and not have to move every 3-5 years. Choice is simple. We don't need to baby our JOs, but we could afford to give them some decent respect from time to time.

- "Sailors are bombarded with annual online training, general military training, and safety stand-downs – all in an effort to combat problems that will never be defeated."

YES! Can we please admit that no matter what, our Sailors will occasionally drink to excess, kill themselves, and do other terrible things?  And that no matter what you do, you might actually not be able to prevent that?

- "Sailors continue to cite the over-focus on social issues by senior leadership – above and beyond discussions on warfighting – a fact that demoralizes junior and mid-grade officers alike."

Completely agree.  Why is there no mandatory GMT on Rules of the Road? Or Maritime Law? Or platform tactics? I can get excited about tactics...pregnancy prevention GMT, not so much.